The Lost Tomorrow

by D-Fried


12" vinyl album & digital album available at:

"Through the years we’ve seen many musicians delve into the core of emotive electronic music—some have come and gone, however, D-Fried aims to reinvigorate the past by inducing bright polished rhythms on The Lost Tomorrow with Discontinu. A sense of development is fostered within each sonic structure—emotive, well-lit and infused with a propensity towards beat-centric and melody based harmonies. Glitched and primed to utter perfection, D-Fried runs parallel to early-era Gimmik / Abfahrt Hinwil—kudos to Toytronic and Worm Interface for inspiring a large audience of budding musicians in the late 90s/early 00s. D-Fried dips fractured melodies into serene plateaus of waveforms with an expansive array of analog and digital gear. “Kyoto_Dawn” contains moody symphonies and darker elements (akin to Req’s Sketchbook, Warp 2002) as “Words In Mind” weaves its electric lullaby gracefully. “X/Y Recombination” offers more of a downtempo luster filled with hypnotic percussion and chiseled bass beats. “6/25 Crome” brings shuttering ambience and magnetic bleeps as the chilled bewilderment of “Lies Booklet” tones the landscape down. There are even a few Boards Of Canada slices that trickle through on “Teardrops”—its bass and dynamic range are simply engulfing. As the cover-art depicts levels of sporadic futurist construction, this visual embeds itself into the music as energized IDM is remolded from start to finish. Uplifting and packed to the brim with variety, The Lost Tomorrow collects a decades worth of glowing electronic data and merges them with today’s technology to exhibit a sparkling musical creation."


released March 21, 2013
D-Fried "The Lost Tomorrow"
written & produced by Jordi Saludes
mastering by Moises Martí @ DDF Studio
artwork & dessign by Buna
[DIS014] 12" vinyl album & digital
Discontinu Records 2012



all rights reserved


D-Fried Barcelona, Spain

Jordi Saludes aka D-Fried is a producer & dj from Barcelona, and has published various albums, eps and a long list of 12″ in european labels with projects like Slow Bullets, Allied Force or Isla Zebra. Under his D-Fried moniker, mixes electronic textures and urban ambiental sounds with intrincate rhythms, building with ordinary noises and subtile digital melodies, soundtracks for a city traveller ... more

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